Thursday, November 18, 2010

Born-Free 3 Art

It's Official

Today, Mike and Grant announced the use of my art for the Born-Free 3 show flyers and ad promotions.

I submitted a few versions as the contest went on. After they picked it, I worked with them on recoloring it. I then re-worked it in higher resolution for printing etc.

It's an honor and I am more than happy to lend a hand to their amazing effort to put on what is becoming the best chopper show in the USA.

For more show info and updates, click this: Born-Free 3

I'm thinking about doing a post on the complete process. From the roughest sketch, to the color choices, influences, and final completion.


icyuod said...


really cool pic, for a killer show

(great blog btw)

best, johnny

Irish Rich said...

Nice Chris!

Congratulations are in order. See you there.

ZZ chop said...

congratulations Chris, well deserved!

Cool idea to post the thought process on your design, maybe I'll post mine too!

drsprocket said...

Thumbs up Chris. Sort of in the Roth vein or it just might be my tired old eyes. I hope to ride down to the event this year. O'Niell Park is were I spent alot of my youth. I remember the stone wall all the way around it and all the oak trees and hills we used to climb. Rode there a bunch when older before heading north. What's up in the garage?

Mike D. said...

Thanks Chris...sorry Grant was so tough on you..haha...We really like what you did and are proud to use it!

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic , would make a great decal too,as it has a real Roth Studios appeal about it .
Cheers Rene

Dirt Bikes For Sale said...

Hey chris, I have to say you've got the talent. Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors.

Big Scott said...

So Stoked for you Chris!

This is going to be a show that will be talked about for many years!

june 2011 cannot come soon enought!

Chris K said...

Thanks guys. I've been out of town so I couldn't post or respond to comments.

Yes it's Roth inspired.

Mike, Grant, and I went round and round on the coloring and then Grant and I both simultaneously hit on the idea of coloring it like an old yellowed Roth water slide decal.