Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Crazy Idea... or A Loco Notion

Our story begins about a year and a half ago when Arte accompanied me to the Dick Allen Memorial party. 
 Arte got to thinking... Since he already had a few parts like some knucklehead heads, a flat rear fender, a Wassel peanut tank, a Lucas tail light, and some Anderson pegs.Why not build a Dick Allen Loco-Motion inspired chopper? It didn't have to be a perfect clone, but rather something with the general look plus a few of his own touches and some updates for comfort and safety.

First up was the exhaust. Arte had made a few collector systems before but it had been with existing mufflers. A friend was throwing out some stock 3" dresser mufflers so he took them to play with.
A Goldilocks tale. From the bottom up: A collector he had laying around. At about 3 1/4" It was a bit too big in diameter. The middle one was an experimental first try with an improvised turn out (it's since been refined with a proper one). Top: I gave him an old muffler with a good turn out and he got the next try just right.
Moving on to the tank. Dick's tank rested high on the backbone Frisco style... so out comes the tunnel.
Tunnel relocated and front filler piece ready for welding. After welding, the sides were indented

Arte chose a Kraft Tech frame to stay within his budget. While he's not crazy about the thicker 1 1/4" tubing, Kraft Tech's $400 swap meet price made it easier to live with. Also, since the frame will be black the larger diameter won't be so noticeable. While at the swap meet, he ordered a seat from Bar Enterprises. While Dick used a very thin cobra, Arte being a senior biker made a concession for a little more back comfort.
With a frame in hand work began on a South Bay Style Sissybar and the fender mounting. The swoop bracing was made as a separate bolt on section to make chroming and installation easier. 
Tabs were added for passenger pegs and at the rear for some turn signals and running lights. This was done to keep it legal (easier to get pass the CHP inspection), and to be seen on the busy SoCal streets.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kern River Run

The 22nd Kern River Run was last weekend. It's an annual South Bay event honoring Fats. I'm always out of town when it's happening, but my art made it on this years T-shirt. 
They slightly modified my old header art it to make it Fats and Dick... and yes, it was done with my permission.