Friday, November 30, 2012

Hustler Nights

Joe Hurst and the Hustler circa 1969.
The photo was taken around the time it won 1st Place in the Street Bike Class at the L.A. show. More on that another time. Note the high pipes. It's kind of interesting that he crouched behind it as he did for the Choppers Magazine feature 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

South Bay Bike

Shawn sent in this old photo of his late father inlaw Roger Cooke's South Bay Chopper.
Proof that not all of them had Dick Allen springers. But a Sissy Bar with a South Bay Swoop and a set of collector pipes were  practicaly standard features.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Goose Neck King

Here's some more cool photos from Mr. Hurst. These are of Skip Fisk's bike. If you were in the South Bay and wanted a Goosed frame, Skip was the man. Check any old magazine with a Goosed Chopper and Skip's name will likely be mentioned in the builder's specs.
Skip is on the left. For a Goose, it's a fairly compact chop and is the only Goose I've seen that didn't run a long springer. 
The neck itself doesn't appear to be as kicked out as seen on other Geese. It's more like the intent was to lower it than stretch it. The molding is nicely done and a bit different than most others as well.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Kerry Crist sent this photo from Big Roy's collection. It's a CHP officer on his new ride (VL), at the Scaramento Bridge. I'm going to guess it's around 1934-35.
There are several interesting things about this photo. The bike has several chrome items that one wouldn't normally expect on a police bike. Most notable is the completely chromed out front wheel, hub and brake assembly with the center of the rim painted. In addition to the handle bars and crash bar, it's very surprising that the fuel line and clutch pedal and linkage recieved a dip in the chrome tank. Were these factory options, or done after the fact? The officer's uniform is pretty dapper too. Check out the winged wheel on the hat. Riding around on a slick ride all decked out and getting paid for it (especially during the Depression), sounds like a good job. Of course there is one draw back, you still have to be a cop.

Hey Doc. Sprocket. Surely you have something to add.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Another South Bay Original-Bob Red Beard

Joe Hurst does it again! Joe sent another outstanding photo from the origins of the South Bay Chopper scene.
Everything about this photo is bitchin! I believe it's from December 1967. Bob was one of the original chopper guys running around the South Bay in the 60's. Check out those forks. At this angle the trees almost make it look like a Vard but more likely off a British bike. If I remember correctly, Joe bought this panhead soon after in Jan.'68. It was Joe's first Harley, the one he painted purple and is doing that wheelie in that now famous photo.

Friday, November 2, 2012

This Month's Header

It's November so Autumn is in high gear.
Get out and Ride!... before the low gear of Winter kicks in.