Wednesday, December 30, 2015

South Bay Chopper @ LBSM

Spotted this nice South Bay Style Chopper at the swap meet last Sunday. Later, it's owner confirmed it was indeed a Fats springer.
I was sans-a-camera so Arte snapped this photo for me.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Reader's Tale

Chris, I've been following the blog several years now. I'm now 70 and haven't ridden for decades. Had to decide between photography and bikes in the '70's, but I still have road rash from the '60's on my arms. Got popped by cars twice, but that's another story. I rode a 53 "Tin Can" we used to call them in CT from 67-69, and then rode some more in LA in the early '70's.  First I fat bobbed it, leaving the tanks and dashboard, then after the first car hit. molded the frame, peanut tank, upsweeps, etc. This 1970 in Griffith Park with my buddy Charlie on his Turnip. 

I'm now a retired professional photographer who likes to go to shows and shoot beautiful cars and bikes. -Andy Adler