Friday, July 29, 2011

Flocking Ecstasy

There is so much going on with this 1966 Electra-Glide and it's display it's almost hard to figure out what is what. Mirrors, lights chains, tinsel garlands, signs, trophies, drapes, skulls, devil heads, coins, and confetti.... and then there's the bike. How about that flocking paint job! (Purple Velvetex). Read what you can on the sign. It makes for one busy photograph, but it must have been fun to see in the flesh.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

L.L.Long Bike Art

Here's a drawing I did either late in 72, or early 73. Long bikes were still in but getting lower. No high seats and pipes. The performance trend was gaining strength. Big carbs, magnetos and custom oil tanks were the hot set up... as were "Hot Pants" (short shorts on da'ladies).

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Chrome Frame Chronicles

The story of Dick Allen's/Joe Hurst's Chrome Frame Bike is complex and varied. At one time, Joe pulled the running gear out to put in the Green Bike. A buddy with an unfinished bike then asked if he could ride it (the Green Bike), to Northern California. Joe said, "is your motor and trans done"? When his friend answered, "yeah", Joe told him he could put it in the chrome frame roller for the trip. Sometime later, Joe put it's motor and trans back in and sold it.

This is probably right before Joe sold it. It was originally fitted with a H-D Sprint tank. Here it has a larger Super -Glide tank.

After it was sold and painted blue by the new owner. Looks good. Just about any color will work with a chrome frame.

Joe got it back years ago. Here's how she sits today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chrome Won't Get You Home...

...but it might get you a trophy.

Some guys think if a little is good, a lot is better. Chrome or not it's a pretty cool old scoot. Okay, the risers and bars are a bit much, but it was for show.

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Rubber...

...for the road.

A long over due tire change. The old Continental sucked and was on borrowed time. I've had the new Dunlop for about year. Don't know why I put off the most simple things? Getting stuff like this done gives peace of mind.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Born-Free 3-3

Okay, are you tired of seeing Born-Free yet? If not, check it out. I know I missed a lot of them and you might have seen these same bikes on other blogs, but what the hell.

If I make any mistakes on the credits/owners, let me know.

Jeremiah of Love Cycles entry in the Builders Invite. I probably don't have to say it's his. Jeri's bikes have a style of their own, you just know. His spartan style is quickly developing a following.

Jeff Leighton's Knice Knuckle. Not the sharpest picture but I had to include it. Great stance, paint and combination of parts. So how does one safely extend a VL fork?

Lord knows I'm not a Honda guy, but this 750 from Sunrise Cycles is pretty damn slick. My two cents.... I would have left the engine cases natural or polished.


...and Hers. I've seen both of these bikes in my neighborhood. The handlebars, sporty tanks with flames makes me think they are of Fats influence more than that of Dick Allen. Also, because of the headlights, seats, tires, fork width, and billet controls, I'd call them modern takes on the South Bay style.

The vintage look of this clean Panhead (black skinny wheels and springer), almost tricks you into thinking it's a Knuckle at first glance.

One for Noot. Does a Sportster qualify as a Bob Job? It's very close to some ideas I've had, but I'd like it a wee more with polished alloy rims, brakes, and with chrome shock dust covers and fender struts.

The Sunsetter from 1965. The original owner/builder (lost his name), was in attendance and very proud. The current owner told me the frame and chrome is all original and that he only had the tank and fender re-painted. That leads me to believe that it probably only had minor flaws and he should have left it alone!!!! The current buckhorns kill the look, put the drag bars back on it!

A really nice shovel ala Shawn Donahue. I heard more than one guy say it's his pick. It's similar style and mostly black paint made for good juxtaposition to John Edward's scooter. The bright afternoon sun made it hard to shoot these clean machines.

Ironhead Ron took advantage of some shade and a chair in my booth. I'm not quite as grumpy as I look, just don't like my picture taken much.

Maybe one or two more Born-Free post to come.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chrome Frame Confusion

After seeing the Chrome Frame Lives post, Bruce Parrish sent this photo and said, " I see the South Bay saga continues. This is the tank I painted for the Chrome bike. As I remember it was for Doc . He had something similar to this eagle a few years earlier". (Note that the bike is in the house next to the Christmas Tree.)

When I posted Joe's first version of Dick's chrome frame bike, I purposely left out this cool photo and was saving it for another day. As I remembered it, Joe told me that Bruce repainted it for him based on the Eagle he did for Doc.

Joe later sent this photo showing how it looked when he got the bike from Doc in '73. It was originally pearl white with yellow tips. Bruce said he didn't do this version and did not come up with the Eagle Scallops concept but instead had traced it for the silver to black version.

Joe liked the motif so much he used it once again on his green bike. What makes things even more confusing is that this bike seems to have all the drive train components from the Chrome Frame Bike including the oil tank with the peg mounts. (Note the neck, and it's similarity to the one done later on Bruce's Funny Bike.)

Joe's thinking of using the Eagle design again on the latest build of the Chrome Frame Bike, but with a new twist.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

CK's Chopper Sculpture

First, I posted Greg Parigian's sculpture and then Bruce Parrish's, so here's mine. It was done in the fall session of my senior year in 1972. It was part of an assignment in a art class where we were suppose to learn the craft of lost wax casting a plaster figure. Of course I made a biker figure for the bike using a wire armature covered with and sculpted in wax. I never did the casting part nor remember any classmates doing it for that matter. I think we all ran out of time.

It's a time consuming yet primitive technique since it takes no welding or soldering skills...
...just needle-nose pliers and wire.

Check out the amazing detail!... ...I kid.

I wish this old photo was better. The figure was actually fairly detailed and pretty cool. I kept it in a box with other stuff for a long time but finally grew tired of the wax sticking to things so tossed it. I now regret that.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Month's Header

I really liked the art I came up with for last July's header and wanted to do something similar. My wife said, "why don't you do fireworks coming out of exhaust pipes?...
...and choppers and bobbers only"!