Monday, September 28, 2009

El Camino 09 Part 2

It took me so long just to do the swap meet, that by the time I made it back to the show area, many of the bikes were loaded and gone. Most of the bikes left belonged to guys waiting to hear if they had won anything.

If your into Antique MC's , you probably know this fella. Mike's done bikes for big shots such as Jay Leno.

This '66 returned but this time with a side hack.

Too flashy for me and likely for the judges as well.

Craig Taylors exceptionally clean '61.

I heard he took it all the way to Davenport.

You had to see this BMW's color in person to really appreciate it.

Nice '51. I love black wheels but not with whites. If your into flash and want to run whites wouldn't it make more sense to have chrome wheels?

Interesting but too much flash (and red), for my taste. All that work, so why the funky and torn '80's Sportster seat?

A simple Chief. It may have been the only Indian in this groups line up.

Pepper Red and Ivory White. Yes, the factory really did this simple form of two tone for '54.

This funny little Powell was the last (scooter class), bike standing when I came back. It appears the seat and rack are sprung by those 3 springs in the back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Indian for Irish Rich....

and other Indian Motorcycle lovers... well sort of... it's the P-61 American Rocket

For 1951, it's quite the Hot Rod. Although it looks the part, it's really too heavily modified to be considered a Bobber. Pierce hoped it would become a factory model.

I like the "H-D parts dept." gag.

Old time cyclist seem to always come up with clever slogans for putting down other makes.

For more on this scooter click on this:

EL CO 2009 Part 1

If you live in So Cal and are into vintage iron, then you probably look forward each year to the El Camino Classic MC show and swap meet. Now that both the Ventura and Del Mar shows are no more, it's our only truly vintage venue. But, if we are to only have one, it's the one to have... and we almost lost it too!

Projects looking for the right caretaker.

This knuck featured a poorly done Faux patina paint job that just ain't working. It looks like black paint was rubbed way too evenly over it's entire surface. It needs to be a bit more random with some rubbed thru areas, chips, etc. to sell it.

A tidy Pan in the "Noise" space. I chatted with the owner and T-Bone (who assisted with the build), and complemented their work. It has some very clean mid controls set up. You really need to see the shifter side. It also featured a glide handlebar clamp nicely integrated into the top tree.

Mike (Born Loser), Davis had a space and was promoting the upcoming Born Free show.

Interesting take on stuffing a Knuck in a VL. Nicely done, but the seat, tank, and whole stock looking fork, fender, horn, light and bars aren't working for me. I'd like to see a more aggressive bobbed look.

Looks better from this side, but who has 35k for a toy these days?

I'd guess '20-'23. Wheel rims don't appear to be originals.

This Sport Twin is looking for a new home. Harley was literally going in a quite different direction with this "Opposed Boxer Twin" design. Looks like half a VW turned sideways. It also may have the longest intake manifold in all of motorcycling, and yes, that casting includes the exhaust manifold too. It's heat makes up for the loss of atomization the long path creates. I suppose VW's have those pre-heater tubes for the same reason. I believe they had a run from 1918 to 1922.

I hope this Knucklehead gets some paint and isn't left rusty and bare.

Nice to see old cases are still available, but I shudder to think their cost.

When I was a kid, Hodaka was a magic word.

This well built 45 from Biltwell was being offered for 7k.

You'd be hard pressed to build one for that.

This chopped one has a nice stance. I didn't ask the price.

Since the clutch lever needs to be modified and a sharp bend is required, you don't see too many up sweeps of this type on 45's.

A decked out UL.

I prefer riders like this to pristine show bikes.

KR top on a WL bottom stuffed with WR goodies.

Any color you want, as long as it's Black!

H-D singles are pretty rare. Unless it's an overhead racer, you really shouldn't call them Pea Shooters. The twin lights probably makes it a '28.

I hadn't seen Grace McKean at El Camino for some time. She told me it had been 15 years! Sneaky Paparazzi stalks behind the Indian.

Stay Young... Ride a Bike. Grace stands proud with her 45. She purchased it new in '51 at the tender age of of 17. You do the math.

The old gal is holding up real good... You decide.

So far, these shots are just from the swap meet area. I'll post more later.

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a Von Dutch Thing

I had seen the Kenford truck and read tales of the Toronado, but it was really cool to hear that one of my biggest Heroes owned the same kind of car as mine. Since I had already known how Dutch felt about "all things German", and of his personality, it figures that he owned a VW Thing.

I first got wind of Dutch's Thing (in 1995), while reading Hot Rods by Ed "Big Daddy"Roth. I was intrigued when Roth wrote, "Dutch started goin' to the Santa Paula Airport every mornin' cause he wanted to build a VW Thing airplane. He was gonna make the wings outta electrical conduit." I didn't know what to think and wondered what it would look like?

The mystery was finally revealed in 2002 when it was featured in a magazine.

This was Dutch's daily driver up until his death in '92. While not converted into a flying machine, it has various airplane features. It has a Pitot tube for airspeed up front, or knowing Dutch, is that a gun barrel?

I agree with the message on the back, "Have Fun, Don't Grow Up".

Dutch's humor/obsession with the obvious. Every where you looked, he painted labels or initials on the fenders and panels indicating "things" like, L.F. for Left-Front, and Right or Left, and so on. This guide key was painted on both rear side doors to keep it all straight.

The pilot's cockpit features only one seat, no passengers. Levers are for dropping Bombs? If it was anything like his Toronado, that would mean empty beer cans. The Horn Button is inscribed Von Dutch '85, so he seems to have owned it for a little while.

The Thing sports two fuel gauges. On the hood, a ball inside a plexiglass box connects to a float in the fuel tank, the other, a simple indexed sight tube, is inside the cockpit.

Dutch figured the engine lid may as well be useful if it was up while on the side of the road.

On the subject of planes and beauty, Dutch once told Roth , "They are not designed to be beautiful, they are designed to work and that's what makes them beautiful". I'll bet he felt the same way about his Thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Proud Sponsor

I'm not just lending support, but am actually an Official Sponsor. Also, four of my art prints will be part of the Free Prizes.

All the info you need is on this flyer
I have a strong feeling this will be one of the best local shows bar none.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Important Reminder...

El Camino is Back!

The 34th annual El Camino College Classic Cycle Show and Swap Meet is this Saturday Sept.19.

After several years as the host/promoter, Bator International announced last year they were calling it quits. Ironically it was said to be bigger than ever. Thank goodness Classic Cycle Events has stepped up to take it over.

Here's a few shots from some previous years to wet your appetite.

That's your esteemed author (with hat in foreground), refereeing the arguing over some minor detail.

I've been going since '84. It actually wasn't at El Camino back then. I don't recall what they called it, but it was held in the parking lot at a couple of different locations (shopping centers), a bit more of a field event and was free! One year it didn't happen because no one wanted to be the promoter, and in 2007, it sort of sucked as the rain made a poor showing and it ended early.

For me, it's a must attend event. Great bikes, interesting people, and a giant swap meet that draws folks from far far away... and I only live about 4 miles from it.

For more info go to:

East Coast Bike Show

Our friends at W.K.I.T.H.O.K Present

1st Annual Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show

When: September 19th,2009 3 p.m. till 12 a.m.
Where: Autumn Bowl 73 West St ,Brooklyn New York. 11222
The night before the show, Friday night is Dice Mag's release party in same 'hood!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Dresser Wars

Are Heating Up!
Another classic Battle Wagon to keep Tjebbe of ZZChop inspired.

This one's a 1960 in the cool original H-D Hi-Fi green/turquoise paint.

Don't worry, I'll get back to posting some cool choppers. It's just that these things are so much fun to look at.