Monday, April 14, 2014


The Close Cousins post got Jeff from the Knucklebuster 1939 blog nostalgic about his 1971 Elizabeth NJ police bike.
Jeff the day he drug it home. Circa 1981.
 I've never seen an 'old' police special with all black fenders. Usually black and white or all white. 

Seems like the right time to finally post Dr.Sprocket's cop bike.
The Doctor told me he was building this 1967 Harley at last year's Born-Free. 

Like minds think alike. Notice I didn't say great.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring's Wretched Header

I like the way this art turned out, so it will likely serve as the header until June. 
I did the line art about two years ago. Here's how it came about.

Hey Chris,
Jeff leighton here. We talked at the swap meet about you drawing something for a friend and I for a little project we are doing. I would like it to be cartoony like the old roth decals but at the same time very apparently Dave and I and our bikes. I have included pics of the bikes and us. There are 2 pics of Dave riding his south bay style knucklehead. We would like him riding it with afro blowing in the wind and everything. I also sent 2 pics one is of my 1938 UL flathead chopper, I would like the drawing to be of me riding that bike, the other pic is of me riding the knucklehead. I sent that because I would like the drawing to be me looking the way I do in the picture. black beanie sun glasses and black gloves. The name of our company thing is, " The Wretched Hive" so we would like that to be big on it also.

 Take these two guys...

 on these two bikes...

make it look sort of like this...

and you get this.

It turned out to be one of my all time favorites.