Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

BF6 Builders 2

Here's the second batch of Invited Builders bikes. There's probably really no needed to post them since they have been all over the internet but what the hell.
Sunday's give away bike was Todd Asin's Knuckle. For me, it was the bike to win.

Bobby Middleton's traditional styled Shovelhead chopper fits the Born-Free credo well.

As does Jason Sheets'  VL Panhead.
I liked the clean and simple look of Nick Miserendino's swinging Shovelhead. Don't go thinking I'm implying it's simple to build such a machine. It's one of the invite bikes I'd considered if a winner.
Two time Born-Free winner Caleb Owens displayed his resurrected Uncle Sam chopper. After suffering a wreck, It was more of a personal thing than anything else.
ZON Tag team Brad & Ry's racy Shovel.
Gaku Yokomizo's gold palted '80s style digger.
I didn't get the name other than Mike for the Show Class Magazine People's Champ entry.

Trent Schara's '64 PanShovel.

Pete Mason's '55 Panhead was another bike heavy with '60s influences.

Kevin Bass' 1940 UL Flathead was done up very similar in style to his last year Best Panhead winner. I guess he knows what he likes.

Jesse Basset's '44 Knuckle in a VL. The seat, forks, bars, stance and other fine details gives it a rather British look I must say.

Subtle, elegant or classic might be words to describe Jordan Dickinson's 93" S&S Knucklehead.

That's the "Invited Builders" bikes I shot. Sorry no photos of bikes by Wes White, Jason Phares, and Paul Cox.

One last thing. As I overheard spectators discussing which bike they would choose. It became clear that more than a few failed to realize that not all of the Invited Builders Bikes were up for grabs with a winning ticket. The participating bikes had a yellow "win this bike" tag on their show plaque.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Born-Free 6 Part 1 Builders Bikes

 I went out to the show on Saturday. Here's the first batch of invited builders bikes.
Kouske Saito took 1st with his 1936 Knucklehead chopper. 
I hear it's going to ridden in the Cannon Ball Run. Strikes me a bit strange to enter a show bike in that kind of competition.
2nd Place Winner Brandon Casquilho brought out another amazing high tech Shovelhead. This time built around '67 cases.
3rd went to Tom Fugle for his vintage show bike. 
To many folks surprise Ryan Mullions Triumph Trike was chosen by the winner of the bike give away. 
Last years top winner Scott '"T-Bone" Jones built this bike around the 120 inch engine that H-D gave him. He successfully blended a few eras into one bike. I got to say it turned out much nicer than the photos of it's raw build hinted at. 
Go Takamine brought his Knucklehead from Japan. 
Bryan Thompson's very detailed 1952 Triumph seemed to get overlooked by most of the spectators. The glamorous bikes are fun but I tend to lean towards these type of machines.
In tribute to the fallen builder, Chris Richardson finished Larry Pierce's tight 1948 UL.
Oliver Jones built his own high tech racy 1977 Shovelhead. it seemed to be another favorite with the crowed.
Born-Free 4 winner Matt Olsen brought out another vintage custom. This time a 1928 JD Hybrid in a custom frame.  
 Joey Cano's clean Sixties Style1940 UL chopper.
Without a doubt, one of my favorites of the day was Matt Walksler's beautiful 1942 Indian Chief. It was built using a vintage molded chopper frame.

More builders bikes in a few days.