Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Bay Originals

Joe Hurst told me some of the old South Bay group has been sharing photos on FaceBook and sent me these from Angel Marc. They are from before he was involved in the south bay chopper scene and are probably from around 1966. They were shot at the foot of the Hermosa Beach Pier. I don't know the photographer. (update photos by Bill Miller). I think they rate up there with those by Bill Ray or Irving Penn.

Dishpan Dave. He was a local builder at the time. This bike is classic.

Steve Drale sporting a semi coy flip off . He's the guy along side Joe pulling wheelies in those now famous photos. Dishpan Dave also built this scooter. The Anderson pegs mounted highway style are an interesting detail. For those that may not know, Panheads were once AKA Dishpans.


Schuchert Motor Sales said...

Those are some real deal photos thanks for sharing

Diesel said...

More ! More ! More!!!!

CRO said...

Rad!!! Totally recognize the pier. great stuff!!