Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Month's Header, The Skelechopper Chronicles

Skulls, skeletons, and bikes have been linked since who knows?

I'd been fascinated with skulls and skeletons since childhood and like many kids, my first Halloween costume was a skeleton. So, back around 1999 when I toyed with the idea of creating some Roth type images (to sell as prints with the parts I was selling at swap meets), it was only natural for one of the first ones to be a skeleton.

Small color studies from 1999. Bulging Rat Fink style eye balls were tried at first.

The sketch at right was the first crack at it. Left sketch, started to refine the gesture of the drawing.

I decided to make two versions of black and white (8.5" x 11"), prints to sell (still have some). I later made some other designs but, these two have always been the best sellers. I called the top one the "G" rated version and made a small run of T-shirts of it (Sold out). If readers show interest, I may make shirts again.

Keith Ball later used the "Flip Off" version for Bikernet T-shirts.

In addition to the black and white prints, I hand colored (painted), several of both versions and sold them at Bike Shows for awhile. I still have this one. If anyones interested, I can do either one, in the colors of your choice. It looks much better than this shot. Glare on glass makes for bad photos.

Original Hand Colored Print with fully painted background. (Available), Matted and framed. I made a few prints of it and believe I have one or two left.

The original painting, for this month's header. I painted another arm flipping the bird and Photoshoped it in. This painting is For Sale. I should be posting it in the Gallery/Store soon.

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