Friday, January 16, 2009

Single Loop Bike 1972

More Black and White Art.

I did this art not long after seeing the Ed Newton art of the last post. Since Ed's art was in the Sept. 72 Big Bike, it helps me put a date on this drawing.

The influence of Ed Newton's art is clear in this piece. I remember deciding not to take it serious and to just have fun drawing it as sort of a cartoon. I knew that his legs were too long but, what the heck?, keep going. It ended up having kind of a Robert Crumb feel to it.

At that time, Custom Chopper magazine was featuring a bunch of single loop (VL style), frame bikes from northern California. Some other signs of the times: dual Posa injectors (slide carbs), and highway pegs.

I was and still am a fan of the big flathead.

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