Monday, January 24, 2011

Just'a Few

From yesterday's Long Beach Swap Meet.

Billy Panhead. This bike gets around.

A Servi-Car would be nice to ride to the swap. Great for carrying parts, but I'd have to leave even earlier to get there a decent time.

15k with a $5 seat.

These same funky tanks have been showing up for a few month's now. Must be asking too much $.

In retrospect, I could'a should'a taken more photos. It was a nice day with temps around the mid to high 70's (sorry to our comrades in cold places). Saw a few friends and bought a few parts.

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drsprocket said...

Chris, Billie's panhead must have a gazillion miles on it. I run in to him at meets and road runs all over this country. One minute he's in the San Juan Islands off of the Washington coast, Next he's at our Dixon meet, then the Rhinebeck meet in New York, and the Davenport, Iowa meet. Around and around, and around. I'm talking about more than the last few years too. I guess a rolling stone gathers no moss.