Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bronson Bikes

Next to the Easyrider bikes, the "Then Came Bronson" Sportster is probably the next most commonly imitated bike. Still, you don't see that many. I found these photos on the web (Flicker?), taken outside the H-D museum.

The third one back is a replica of the H-D Sprint used sometimes in the show for stunts.

It really wouldn't be too hard to build one. Most I've seen are not completely correct.

These two are the closest to the real thing in the bunch. They both feature a correct 21" front wheel.


Noot said...

That is totally awesome . . . Is the HD museum any good? - I heard it was - but they charge too much.

Capt. Cal said...

Thats great! sleeping bags and all!

Chris K said...

H-D Museum: Never been. From the website and the photos I've seen, my guess is, it's pretty nice. Online it says admission is $16. A little high but I'd pay it if I was in Milwaukee.

Anonymous said...

The bikes in the picture belong to the guys from Bronson's Garage on the website.. we were invited to be at the Harley Museum for the One Year Anniversary of the opening of the Museum.
A lot of those bikes are still works in progress, and have changed a bit since that picture was taken.. My two bikes are the second and third ones from the left on the top picture.. My Sportster now has a 21" front wheel and a couple other changes. The Sprint stunt bike is mine. As far as accuracy goes it depends on which episode you watch.. there were 3 Sportsters and a CZ-250 used in filming the pilot movie and 6 additional Sportsters and two Sprints used in filming the TV Series.. they were all slightly different.. Tires, Gearing, handlebars, seats, shock length, front fender height and location, where the eye was on the tank. where the sissy bar was and how far it leaned back, some had a bend in the middle some didn't.. license plate numbers were different on each bike...I could go on and on...
It's cool to see our pix here. it's amazing how many people recognize Easy Riders Capt. America Bike, but don't recognize the Bronson Sportster or think he rode a Triumph... thanks for the regognition..!!