Tuesday, March 31, 2009

'72 XLCH Update

I shot the tank and at first wasn't too happy with the shade of orange (not as red as H-D's), but it's growing on me so, it will probably be fine for now. MC art is Photoshop, graphics to be determined (hmmm...). It's interesting how the combination of an orange tank and no front fender makes the bike take on a street tracker look but I'll be running a fender.

A future notion I may explore: bob a very small front fender (cut even or just a bit in front of mounts and very short in the back), then paint it flat black to minimize it further.

These are not the bike's original tanks so, at some point, I'll probably paint the other set of tanks and fenders white (homage to my first bike), then I can switch them back and forth when I crave a change.

As this previously posted art shows, I've had orange in mind for awhile.

For now I'm going with the bobbed rear fender. With it, I can reach the rear bolt that holds the cobra seat instead of having to remove the wheel. Then, I can switch out the two seats as the mood strikes. I've even thought about a solo and pillion.

I'd always thought to make this a convertible bike. When you like so many styles, having a bunch of spare parts is great alternative to owning several bikes. Less cost and less space needed. Now, where did I stash that turtle tank and boat tail?


chessie said...

I never thought about taking a bike and making it morph whenever the mood struck me.

What a concept, I like it!

Borde said...

Try tank trim part nÂș 61777-63T instead any graphics. Or the classic Sportster logo. Anyway, do as you want, I believe in you.

Chris K said...

Borde, Thanks for your vote of confidence.

I'll look that part # up.

Yeah, Like most of us, I'll probably end up doing what I want but, it's fun and interesting to hear the suggestions. Most of them have been right in line with the different ideas I'd thought about doing.

Giannis said...

Woww This is the best Chopper/Bobber Custom bike Blog...

pages after pages ... and i havent seen everything yet!

Nice Job!


Chris K said...

I try to keep it interesting, Thanks!