Saturday, March 14, 2009

Roth's Custom Bike Magazine Part 2

Blog reader Bjorn 81 sent the following:

Greeting from the UK.
In reference to Choppers Magazine:
"and I could swear I've also seen the July cover with the Choppers Magazine masthead."
Yes you are right.. I've got 1 earlier issue (No1 1967) and about 10 later ones (March69 -Feb70=)
in my collection... attached is a mail from a reader that explains it all...
Anyway, I do like your blog very much so keep up the good work!
Kind Regards
Bjorn81 Kent England
Contributor to

I think Bjorn meant to say I was right about the magazine reader's influence on the process of changing the name back. I've yet to find any hard evidence for two version of the July issue.

Read Irish Rich's comments in the last post.

I went back to check my archives and found the covers below. They along with the ones in the last post validate Rich's commnets.

In the letter at the top of the blog, I think Roth meant to say he slyly changed it back to Custom Bike in Sept. Did he justify doing it for this issue because it featured a dresser? We'll probably never know.

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