Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Mate


Irish Rich said...

Man, if this chick doesn't look like Nancy (don't recall her last name, but not many people had last names then) AKA "Simone", that used to dance at the Body Shop on Sunset Strip from the middle '60's to the early '70's.

The Body Bhop burnt a couple months ago, they were supposed to rebuild it. They said it "looked like arson..." Wow, what a surprise.

Chris K said...

Could be. The era is about right. It's from March '66 Drag Cartoons. It was a Edelbrock promotion photo.

When I first started to read your comment, I thought, "what?" My wife's name is Nancy.

Irish Rich said...

Wow....what's her last name? Maybe It'll jog my memory.

Naw, just gaslighting you!