Saturday, March 28, 2009

Decisions Decisions?

I REALLY! need to finish my '72 XLCH, and the only thing holding me up is paint. I'm building it on the cheap as just a simple bike for buzzing around town. It's been sort of a personal challenge to build it with as little money spent as possible and I've always thought, If I don't like the way it rides when it's finished, I'll just sell it. so again the less spent, the better.

I have spares of just about everything including three sets of tanks and fenders.

Should I keep it a classic '72 with the stock front and rear fender, air cleaner, original H-D cobra style seat, and Gary bang sissy bar?

Or, the same except with bobbed fenders? Rear ain't bobbed here. This what I originally had in mind.


Lately, I've been leaning to a more vintage look. Bobbed fenders, round air cleaner, and an old buddy seat? I could also do it this way but with stock fenders.

I grow tired of colors fast so, paint will be one of the following: Black, Gray, White, or Orange (how'd that get in there?), with depending on color, Orange, Black, or White pin stripping.

Yeah, '72's didn't come with fork boots but, I like them.

To make matters worse, I also have the early '61-'66 4 gallon turtle tank and a boat tail.

I shouldn't ask but,...
Any thoughts?


chessie said...

All right, since you asked.
1. I love the fork boots too.
2. Prefer the cleaner look of the S&S.
3. Never could abide the "old buddy" seat. That cobra is HOT.
4. With the Cobra seat, bobbing the rear fender would be soooo fricken cool (just me?)
5. With the fork boots, I would bob the front fender too.
6. If you go with anything other than Gary Bang on the sissy-bar...please stop by your nearest mental health facility on your way home from the zoo.
I bet this is what you'r leaning towards could you not? Thanks for asking...looking forward to seeing what you do with the bike...

Spark said...

I think if you've half a mind to sell it then put it in the most 'saleable' trim.

Irish Rich said...

If it was me, I'd go with version 3.

Paint-wise, I'd go Omaha Orange on the sheetmetal, with a wide black stripe down the center of the tank and fenders, with an 1/8" wide white pinstripe on each side of the black stripe.

I'd also use the '60's "Sportster" script decal on each side of the tank.

Chris K said...

Wow, that was fast!

Rich, seems like we think alike. I was leaning to exactly what you said, Orange with the black center stripe and white pins. Thought about making the black one semi gloss.

I've always loved the Sportster Script decal too. The artist in me wants to paint a graphic so, I thought I might do the script on one side and a graphic on the left.

Not totally sure yet.

Spark, whats the most "sellable"? The top one?

Noot said...

First photo is best.
1. Full fenders
2. Cobra seat
3. Sissy Bar
4. Peanut Tank
5. Fork Boots
6. Ham Can
7. No gauges
8. maybe white grips
9. White tank with simple pinstriping down the center
10. XLR Pipes (or stock cigar mufflers)
11. original compact windshield for trips

Borde said...

Keep it stock.

drsprocket said...

Chris, I'm w/ Rich on #3 w/ the cobra seat and the paint as discussed. I have a nice set of those script decals (genuine), yours for the asking.

Spark said...

Hello Chris!
yeah, I'd say the top one is the seller!

lewy k said...

i'm with rich & doc on the colors, with the oem sportster script, stock fenders, cobra seat....but i know you've got a wrench in one hand and a brush in the other so pinstripe away.

Chris K said...

Hey Dr., Thanks for the generous offer. I'm tempted to hit you up. One problem. I'm not shooting for perfection so not sure the paint job will be worthy of those NOS decals.

The rest of you folks, Keep those comments coming!