Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foot Peg Fetish

At one time chopper standard equipment included: Bates headlights and seats, Wassell tanks and ribbed fenders, Flanders risers and bars, and Anderson pegs.

In order of coolness, from left to right: Anderson, Posa Fuel, Holy Pegs, and H-D. Does anybody know anything about Anderson or it's history?

Note the markings. Holy Pegs (no name). Harley's are marked H-D on tip and Made in Taiwan (boo!) inside. The Anderson's are aluminum, not sure on the center two. H-D's are heavy pot metal.

The steel mount for the Anderson above is incorrect. The threads in the original aluminum mounts tended to strip. I have two sets and both have the mounts replaced with steel units. I have saved some original aluminum ones but they need repair.

The Posa peg and the Holy peg were mismatched in a box of parts I recently bought. I have since found another Holy Peg so, now I'll look for a Posa. Posa Fuel and Lake made those (injector) slider carburetors in the 70's. I don't know who made the Holy Pegs, Custom Chrome sold and may still sell them.

Harley still sells the ones on the far right with clamps (H-D #49144-86), as a multi-fit item for engine guards/crash bars.

Unknown NOS stamped steel pegs and mounts. I once had (sold), two of these sets. One set had a flat instead of rounded tip. They have very subtle round bumps on them.

This is just a small sample of the different styles and brands out there. I've seen some very similar to Anderson but marked ETB?


drsprocket said...

Chris, there is usually a letter stamped on the underside of the Anderson's that I believe denote the year or batch. When Anderson quit making them I believe Rocky's took over. The ones with Rocky's on the underside look exactly like the Anderson's. On the bike I'm building now I have Anderson's all the way around and even cut one down (back end), welded a 3/4" slug of aluminum under it and grooved it(bottom side) to look like the rubber HD shift peg with a countersunk allen through it. Won't mess up the boot top then. Rich P.S. You'd think Irish Rich would know the history. I do have an ad in a 1955 magazine showing them as Anderson Motorcycle Supply 8314 Central Ave. L.A.1 ,CA. $4.75ea. w/loops for 3/4, 7/8, 1, or 1 1/8 frames. Came w/loops.

Chris K said...

Thanks Rich, I forgot to mention the "J" stamped in the one pictured. I checked it's mate and it has a "P". The ones on my panhead were hard to make out. Might be "N" and the other looks blank. Made in LA eh, that's cool. Did they make other products? Any idea what years were they in business?

Irish Rich said...

The Holy Pegs were Randy Smith's, and I think he had a trademark on the name "Holy Pegs", but that one you have seems to be the knockoff holy peg.

People used to send the broken knockoff holy pegs to Randy asking him to replace them, because they thought they were his pegs.

I remember Randy running ads showing his Holy Peg, and a broken knockoff, asking people to be sure what they were getting and paying for came from CCE.

Chris K said...

Thanks Rich, By coincidence, just today I saw on Chopper Dave's blog that he has been given Randy's original Holy Peg Mold to use. Much cooler shape than the knock offs. The ones I pictured are probably made in Taiwan like a lot of stuff from Custom Chrome Inc. They were still in a CCI catalog I have from 1999 but not now. I don't know if they had them made or just marketed them. I'll bet V-twin still sells a knock off.

The Flying XS said...


I got these odd pegs only one of each.
One of them is marked Rocky and looks just like yours which gives Drsprockets comments some weight.
The Drag Specialties looks similar to your HD one.