Friday, September 19, 2014

Dick Allen Memorial Party

Last Saturday there was a party at Steve Sharp's that only happened because of the luck of timing. Steve ran into Dick Allen's daughter Darcy at Sturgis. He didn't know her and she didn't know him. She just pulled over to check out Steve's and Robert's bikes because they looked like South Bay Choppers. Darcy said to Steve, "you probably never heard of him, but my dad was Dick Allen". 

In the last few years Darcy had left some comments on the blog but everybody I asked didn't know Dick had a daughter and wondered, was she for real?

Darcy told Steve she had been trying to find out as much as possible about her dad and mentioned traveling the country to get info on him. Steve told her don't waste your time, the best thing to do is come to the South Bay since some of his old friends are still around.

I met Darcy a few days before the party and found out that her parents divorced when she was very young and soon after Dick left for California. This explained why no one knew of her. 

To my surprise Darcy had a photo copy of a fragile old photo of Dick on the chrome bike from about 1966. She also had a scrap book of info she found on the internet. I was happy to find it included a lot of history from this blog.
Darcy's visit to the South Bay was a great reason to get some of the old gang together plus five birthdays were celebrated.

Darcy holding her Dad's Loco-Motion gas tank.

A few bikes showed up like Steve and Carla's his and her's choppers (another Steve).

 Mike Torre's crazy eclectic panhead.

Robert's panhead

Get a group of gearheads together and half will party in the grange.

The evening ended with a birthday cake for five!

 Joe, Steve, and Robert. These last three photos were taken by Mike Torres and stolen from the Ladyhump blog.

 Arte, CK, Fat Lou, and Randy.

A BIG THANKS goes out to Steve for putting it all together!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dick Allen Wheelie

This is probably the only other remaining photo of the chrome frame while it was still a Panhead with XL forks and the black sulky front wheel.  
This is another one of those South Bay Originals photos. Joe Hurst sent it and says the location was one of those alley/streets in Hermosa Beach where Randy Smith once had a shop. It's was most likely taken by Randy as he's believed to be the photographer who shot the famous photo of Dick posing next to this bike.