Monday, September 5, 2016

Captain un-America Your 15 Minutes Are Up

I just read on the Vintagent that Cliff Vaughs recently passed. I mean no disrespect by the title as Cliff himself mentioned his fifteen minutes of fame in a comment he left on that blog. I also used the term un-America. Because being black and an activist, likely lead to him being a mostly unknown co-creator of two of the most famous motorcycles there's ever been. Sort of a underground unsung anti hero.
In truth, in the scheme of things Cliff really only got about fifteen seconds of fame compared to all the hoopla the film created. Photo from the Vintagent blog.
Larry Marcus is credited for building the B-Bikes made for the stunts/wrecks at the end of the film.

In recognition of Black History Month, In Feb. 2012  I tried to give some due credit by depicting Cliff and Brother Ben Hardy building the Captain America chopper.
Prior to that I posted this of Ben from Roth's Choppers Magazine. Click on it and read the text.

For more about Cliff, go to the link below. It has several links to previous articles 

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