Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kern River Run

The 22nd Kern River Run was last weekend. It's an annual South Bay event honoring Fats. I'm always out of town when it's happening, but my art made it on this years T-shirt. 
They slightly modified my old header art it to make it Fats and Dick... and yes, it was done with my permission.


Anonymous said...

Chris, It's funny you should post something about Kernville. This September a bunch of us guys who rode up there every Memorial Day back in the late sixties and seventies are meeting there to do it one more time. Boy, the memories. I hope to see you again at BF8 in a couple of weeks. RO P.S. You never answer your phone.

HDMarc said...

Love your t-shirt art Chris. I couldn't make the Fats Run this year, but when I saw this year's t-shirt art with both Fats and Dick I had to have one sent to me.