Monday, August 17, 2015

More from Angel Marc

Here's some more images courtesy of Angel Marc.
Marc's Panhead build circa late '60s. It featured molding and paint by Nez along with one of the first sets of Randy Smith's Finned Dishpans.

Marc first built his '46 Knucklehead in 1973. Here's how it looked in the late '80s. Marc says it still looks pretty much the same today.

Be sure to click here to see all of Marc's great South Bay Originals stuff!


Ike said...

Is that a hummer tank molded to the frame? Do you happen to have pictures of the bike completed? Btw thank you for this blog!

Chris K said...

That's a Hummer tank.

The only other photo I have at this time is what I think is an earlier version of the bike. It's the one in a prior post of him pushing it.

Click the "here" in the post or the Angel Marc label below the post to see it.