Saturday, July 18, 2015

Born-Free 7 Part 4 Out and About

More bikes from the general show
Chrome Frame Inspiration for Joe

Nice modern (Shovelhead), Bob Job. 

Tight Knuckle?! Sportster.

Tight Triumph.

Guys are still building Geese.

Modern take on a Goose.

Clean Machine. 

Gary Hetrick's old chopper. Except for the seat and the totally inappropriate ape hangers, it's pretty much intact as featured in Supercycle. I liked it much better as first featured in Street Chopper with a the springer, front mag, dual lights and pullbacks as seen below.

Coincidentally it was used as one of those big photos where you poke your head through for photos. Why it was made into a fictitious cover is a mystery to me. The original cover on the right was lifted from Irish Rich's blog. BTW, Street Chopper never cost 35 cents.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the fake cover,I wonder if it had anything to do with HD sponsoring the show.Just another way of getting the brand into every ones photos .It is pretty clever ,yet subtle marketing,ironically by the factory that distanced itself from most of the original creators of the style of bikes this show promotes
Cheers R

Georgia Injury Center said...

Those are some pretty cool looking bikes. I agree on the magazine covers, the real one definitely looks better. Thanks for posting.

Chris K said...

Your right, the cover was probably because of Harley's sponsorship. It was right next to the area where Harley was set up.

Noot said...

Out and About bikes more my style - great stuff out there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being late to this thread and comments section. I just saw this post today in my research. It is a wonder that the original photographer never gets credit for a photo cover or any photo that has been posted anywhere. Just because it is now on the internet, maybe it would be nice to get some credit for the time it took to get that great, super clear shot for that cover.
Gary Hetrick was/is a true craftsman, builder, rider that I met at a motorcycle show way back then. He became a good friend and selected me to document his new (1973) custom chopper, hopefully being accepted for a magazine article.
As far as the duplicate photo for another cover, well that was up to the editors because of the contract upon submitting the original photos and story for Street Chopper of Gary's newer purple bike. 44 years later, much interest has been shown for his purple bike that set some innovative build ideas for the community.