Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Born-Free 7 Part 3

Here's a collection of bikes from the show. Some of of these are from sort of a VIP corral of bikes belonging to friends of the promoters. A few of them are related to the Show Class-People's Champ venue, and a few others are from exhibitors/vendors.

Mike Davis exhibited some of his own machinery.  If you throw a bike party like this, who's going to say you can't show your own bikes?

Classic Panhead Chopper.

Classic Knucklehead Chopper.

Cool Gooseneck Flathead.

Clean Shovelhead Chop.
Looks like the S&S aircleaner shrunk in the laundry. 

You don't see many 45's at Born-Free, especially given the complete show bike treatment. This one appears to be stuffed into a vintageTriumph frame and retains the Brit's transmission.

Copper Bear?

One Crazy Engraved Knucklehead. The details are amazing.

Ryan of the Vintage Dreams blog, specialty is resurrecting vintage choppers. Lately he's scored a few of Dean Lanza's frames and bikes. How he found them is a mystery... 
...his blog can be found in the side column.
Ryan's rebuild of Dean Lanza's Quicksilver. It recieved the Mooneyes Best of Show award.

More to Come...

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