Saturday, July 4, 2015

Born-Free 7 Invited Builders Part 2

Here's the second bunch of Invited builders bikes. 

Jason Moss brought out this Racy looking Panhead. It's competion like finish features carbon fiber rocker boxes and practically no chrome.

A very tidy Knucklehead by Matt Jackson.

Chrome frames seem to be back in style these days.

Mark Drews unusual take on using dual headlights. Unless it's a survivor it had a worn patina that may not be the best way to express this kind of show bike. A color other than black might have been a better choice for such a sculptured sixties style show bike.

On the other hand Go Takamine's Indian Chout (Chief in a Scout frame), had a faux aged paint job that worked because of it's old racer styling.
Since they have a dull finish the modern snow flake wheels seem to work. Some might say the rear disc brake doesn't fit in with the rest of the bike.

Mick Evangelista's specialty is early seventies style long choppers.

Oliver Jones high tech race inspired generator/alternator shovel. It's so much of a custom hybred there's hardly any thing shovelhead left of it.

Another high tech race inspired chopper by Church of Chopper's Jeff Wright. This time using a Kawasaki KZ 900. It was one of only two Japanese bikes in the Invited Builders Corral.

Nick Zazzi's Shovelhead. While it likely envolved as much work as many of the other bikes, it's somewhat conservative styling probably made it less of a stand out to many spectators.  Except on a Cobra Trike I can't say I've ever seen a fat tire sixteen inch brakeless wheel combo up front.

It appears that Paul Cox's knucklehead was not finished. I'd say he learned more of what the Born-Free crowd likes from last year's experience.

Another Knucklehead. This time by Shawn Long

Uwe Ehinger's Speedway inspired Flathead/Knucklehead hybred. While I'm not into high tech/vintage combinations, I can appreciate the engineering and craftsmanship.

Trevelen Rabanel of SuperCo just descrides his machine as a custom motorcycle. You can decide for yourself what to call it.

That's all of the Invited Builders bikes but for one. I didn't get a photo of Roland Sands 2-stroke Yamaha Racer. Although it was very trick, I don't think it fit that well into this type of show.

More of the show to come...

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