Sunday, April 5, 2015

What to do with a 65 Panhead?

As stated in an earlier post, Every now and then I do little thumbnail sketches to explore ideas floating around in my head.

Although I have all the parts to put my '65 Panhead back to it's former police orgins, I'm thinking of  having some fun with it before doing so. I even have an extra frame I could hard-tail if the urge is strong. Basically, I have almost enough extra parts to build another complete roller.
Anybody can build a nice rigid, but swingarms can be a challenge. 

The style below is practical since it's an easy bolt-on process to go back to stock.
It aint much other than sort of a Dick Hirshberg style Fat Bob. Due to the rear shocks some pipes styles (like up-sweeps), don't work well with a swingarm. A Dick Allen style collector fits the style well. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris. I'd go with the Dick Hirshberg style. You don't lose any function and the bike can easily be converted back to stock form. - W

Anonymous said...

Nice post, very good for headache.