Sunday, January 18, 2015

XAVW Von Dutch, Ed Roth & Randy Smith

Most of you have probably heard of Von Dutch's XAVW (the VW powered motorcycle once featured on American Pickers), but may not know this part of it's history. It seems that Von Dutch might have been disappointed with the results, so took it apart and sold or traded it to Ed Roth. Randy Smith, an admirer of Von Dutch, bought it as a basket case from Roth and put it back together. said Randy moved to Tennessee taking the XAVW with him where it sat in a barn for 30 or so years. Thanks to MC art reader (Doc), he says it was actually Tom Burke who took it to Tennesse.

Many people credit Mike Wolf for saving this incredible piece of Von Dutch's work, but if it wasn't for Randy Smith, it might have never been saved in the first place.

The article below from Custom Chopper magazine dated May '71 does not mention Roth, but several sources state that his name is still on the registration/title.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't Randy who took it to Tenn. It was Tom Burke who had a shop in Long Beach back in the early 70's. B&O was his shop's name. He also had the c-cab three wheeler. Regards, Doc

Chris K said...

Doc, Thanks for the correction. I did question that bit of information as I didn't think that Randy left CA for Tenn.

JinkztheCat said...

Mike O'Brien from Pacific Cycle knew and worked with Tom Burke. He recently told me that Tom was on a episode of American Pickers(?)or one of those shows, next time I see him I'll ask about it.