Thursday, January 22, 2015

South Bay Originals- Angel Marc Setting the Record Straight

My name is Marc, AKA Angel Marc.  I was a founding member of the Huns MC So. Cal. in Hermosa Beach and one of the seven Huns who patched over to became the Hells Angels So. Bay.  I moved out of California over twenty years ago. Several years ago, living away from my friends and family, I joined Facebook in order to share photos with them.  A lot of my old Brothers had passed on, Dick Allen, Fats, Randy Smith & Outlaw Chuck among them.   I decided to share the memory of them by posting some of my old photos, first on my Facebook page and then after it was started on the South Bay Originals page.  I posted quite a few old photos for my old friends to enjoy. One old friend and Brother is Joe Hurst.  I got together with Joe when I rode down to the Kern River for the Fats Memorial Run and he told me of your site and that he had sent some of the pictures I had posted to you, among them Dick Allen doing the wheelie, Frank on  trike and the bike with the Huns colors on it.  I realize that when you post on the internet, you’re showing it to the whole world, so if more people enjoy the memories of my old South Bay Brothers, that’s Ok with me.  Which brings me to the reason I’m writing to you, I want to set the record straight as to the bike with the Huns colors on it. You wrote that Joe thought it was my bike, but that beautiful Pan belonged to my Brother Bob Kurek.  Bob was shot dead the year after this picture, so I feel it is important that he gets the credit that is his as the builder/owner of that bike. I enjoyed looking at your art work and pictures.  A nice bit of history.  You have some nice pictures of Randy Smith too, so I thought I would send one of him and me from the last time I saw him.  Also sending one of Bob with his bike.  Use any of the pictures you like, quote me if you want, but at least put Bob’s name with his bike.  Oh and most of the pictures I have were taking by a free lance photographer named Bill Miller.  He was like our unofficial club photographer.
 Angel Marc and his Pan circa 1967.
Hun's at the wall behind Taco Bell in Hermosa Beach. Left to Right: Marc, Lindsey, Dishpan Dave, Filthy Frank, Nez with Copper up front.
Bob Kurek with his Panhead.

One story was left out of Marc's email which will be included in a future post.

Joe Hurst always says the history of the South Bay Chopper really can't start without the tales of Marc and his brothers at that time. Therefore, my thanks goes out to Marc for sharing this history.


Bob Redfordson said...

thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I grew up among these bikers, Marc Allen, your Mother Ruth and Brother, Jim Coons is also a good'ol friend,
Your right Marc, facebook has brought the world together, we are the lucky ones to still be around, I did get myself into alot of trouble back then but it did make me the man I am today, no regrets..

I just sold the last bike I'll ever own, eye issue prevent me from enjoying this great adventure of riding...everyone else,,,,keep riding.

sidoti said...

Great memories from a great time in our lives, the 60's were the best, I wouldn't change a thing...thanks Marc Allen

sidoti said...

I apologize to Marc and his Mother & Brother Allen, for some reason (getting old) I called Marc by another name, maybe in my old head I combined Marc and Allen together as one, they are one as brothers but their Mother named them separately, I tried to delete this post but this old head couldn't figure it out, I'll need to get a kid on it, mean while, sorry about that...

zanstar said...

That was nice,great memories are always with us,and "Ruth" was an awesome missed...and Marc will always be in my heart. He made me a better person, and gave me some of my best memories. Sorry about your eyes, but in your will keep riding.