Monday, December 8, 2014

More Randy

 An early shot of Randy on his street legal Harley 45 WR
I thought the shop was in Gardena but, the1485 Canal St. address suggest this is Venice, Ca.

Photos from the Facebook RS memorial page.


epinut said...

That first pic is just great! Any idea what year?

Irish Rich said...

The 1485 Canal St. address was in Long Beach, on the west side of the 710, and north of Anaheim. The 2 story shop building isn't there anymore. It was a couple blocks down from Pat Leahy's shop. The shop in Gardena was opened in '67, the Canal St. shop opened in '69 I'm pretty sure.

Chris K said...

For the first photo my guess is 1967-68.

Thanks Rich, Long Beach!, I should have known better, thought Venice was a bit odd. I Google mapped the address and only Venice came up.

Noot said...

I just wanted to wish Chris, Rich, Steve and all the MC followers a Happy Holidays ! No matter what religious sect, club, cult, gang, we fall into - we're just a bunch of bike nut cases anyway. Sincerely & Respectfully, -Noot