Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Chrome Frame Chronicles, The Knucklehead

Here's Dick Allen's chrome frame chopper as a Knucklehead. This is the same bike as the famous picture of him standing by it when it was a Panhead. It's interesting to note that it was a Shovelhead when featured in Choppers Magazine which was before this photo was taken and it also didn't have a front brake at that time or these cool up sweep fish tails. The rear fender (only), is not flat black but is metallic dark grey which he ended up not liking. This bike changed hands (and engines), a few times and Joe Hurst has owned it a few times himself.  Joe currently has it back up and running as a Panhead but wants to change a few things before he detail's it. I've posted just about every version this bike has been through. One day I'll put them all chronologically in one post. It's a good example of how a chopper is really never done. Photo provided by Joe Hurst. 

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