Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Chrome Frame Chronicles, Done but never Done

Here's some photos of the chrome frame bike's progress from last Jan. and Feb. I did post a shot of Joe riding it at Kern river in May but never posted these.
 Joe tries it out for size as Steve Sharp looks on.

 Listening to that V-Twin music. Note the primary pulleys.

 It ain't easy to shoot a long bike in a cramped garage.

It's now what you might call a running (and registered), mock up. It's going to go through a few modifications and fine tuning then some paint and chrome. 

I case you never quite got the connection, this is the same frame, rear fender, fuel tank, and seat pan that Dick Allen used on the Knucklehead in the post below. This bike has been through so many changes over the last 47 years. It truly lives up to the chopper motto, "Done but never Done."


Noot said...

I thought my garage was full - sheeeesh - He's been there awhile !

Chris K said...

It's my neighbor Steve's garage. He grew up there (It was his parents house), so he's been there awhile.

the Dutch said...

Did i read somewhere, in the panhead version picture with dick and his thumb in his back pocket, that the front wheel was off a garden wagon er somethin like that? What are those 2 round lugs hangin off the lower tree on dicks springer? Great to see that bike come full circle and still goin down the road. Such history... and is owned by a true historian. Joe KILLED it with his rendition. Thanks for sharin it chris... and joe.

Chris K said...

The front wheel was off a sulky (the little cart used in horse racing). If I remember correctly it was a 26". The forks are early sportster. The lugs on the bottom tree are for the fork boot holders that were on K-models and sportsters up to '70. I always thought it was strange that all the hardware for the boots are still attached after he extended the forks with slugs.