Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keeping the Sport in Sportsters

Mark Bourassa sends me (and others), old photos from time to time. These might have been on the blog ZZ Chop. I like them because they show how it used to be done. Now days everybody thinks you have to hard tail every Sportster out there.
It's cool to see the Spirit of the Sportster being retained and not just trying to be a big twin.

This one cheats a little by using the old trick of FLH struts and shocks to lower the rear.

Before any of you get bent.... yes there are some nice hard tailed XL's out there.

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Noot said...

I've had '65 FLH shocks on my black Sportster since I built it. It lowers perfect, but with a passenger or all loaded on big hits - I'll hear my tire chirp my fender sometimes. Gives it that nice "H" model look !