Monday, May 6, 2013

More Cobra Trike

Here's two more shots of Dick Allen's Cobra trike. It changed hands and paint jobs a couple of times. First to Jim Andrews and then to Gordon Labell. I believe it belonged to Gordon when both of these were taken. Photos courtesy of Joe Hurst.

Those tiller bars are way long. Makes you wonder what it's like to steer this monster.
Taken at the Indio Run.The paint only looks different here because it's in the shade.

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Rentatrip said...

There were 12 Cobra / Allen Trikes Produced by Dick Allen... The first one actually flipped over on it's side when Dick Goosed the Throttle - late one night when a gang of ner'-do-wells were assembled at the shop... as it was told to me by Bradley Harris who was there that night . Dick decided to test drive the beast , so he fired it up and simply dumped the gas, and the trike abruptly flipped akimbo from the torque.... Brad stated through chuckling laughter ...that it was a heavy beast and took 5 guys to get it turned back up on all 3 wheels - ... One of the other "12" Trikes was gifted a present to Miss Rosie "Rose" Harlow ...she cruised around the south bay district (Manhattan/Hermosa Beaches - often enough to become a popular icon in the early 70's ... Well...Rosie's abundant 44GG Bust may have had something to do with it as well....