Friday, March 22, 2013

Shovelhead Blend Blog Filler

Here's a shot of my first big twin circa 1984 in Redondo Beach. It was what some call a blend bike. A 1974 FLH engine in a 1972 FX frame. At this Bob Job stage it was undergoing transformation from a Chopper to what I call a Stripped Dresser.
I've always liked the atmosphere of this shot. Digital is nice, but there's a warmth to film.

You probably would have to have been around the early eighties Harley scene to understand that. At the time fat was in and choppers were, well... sort of out.

After selling it in 1995 I wished I'd kept it to chop. 


hiro_67 said...

very nice, ChrisK

wanjiru kimani said...

Great picture! The bike is really classic and looks great.