Monday, March 11, 2013

Roth's California Cruiser

Ed Roth's V8 powered California Cruiser was the prototype for the Ed Roth/Dick Allen joint venture Cobra Trike kits. I'll be posting the article from this issue soon.

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Lester Dixon said...

Hello, In the 60's my dad knew big daddy and mr Roth wanted to build a v8 motorcycle. He asked my dad if he had a motor for it and my dad gave him an Oldsmobile engine that he used for the bike. Ed Roth made my dad a radio set up for his Harley (my have been the first radio put on a harley) and he pinstriped his bike. I was a kid when we went to his shop and he gave me and my brother a chrome german helmet. I remember he had a dog that couldn't bark, he told me there were complaints about the dog barking so he had it's bark box removed. Do you have any info on this olds v8 motorcycle? Thanks Les Dixon