Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fats... The Other South Bay Builder

When it comes to South Bay Choppers one might automatically think Dick Allen, but there was another well known local builder... Fats.  I've known of him and his shop (Sportster Heaven, or was it Haven?), his brother and have a magazine featuring their bikes (The Brothers Noriega), I need to scan. Personally I don't know a lot about him. My neighbor Steve Sharp knew him well, so perhaps I'll get more dope.
Fats (R.I.P.), built his own version of the Dick Allen springer. It featured bolted/pinned trees with a square (bottom), spring perch. Steve Sharp continues to build them the Fats way. Photo sent by Joe Hurst.


KNUCKLE BUSTER 1939 said...

I saw several bikes this style at the Love party with young guys riding them in...

Craig Kowarsky said...

I knew Fat's and his brother Raymond very well.
Best bike builders and friends ever.
I would like to reconnect with Ray if anyone knows how to contact him.
Craig 541-515-7101

LouAnn Larsen said...

So great to see that picture. That's my "Uncle Fats" I miss him. Uncle Ray is living in the Central Valley still working on bikes and tinkering. I remember my uncle
fats gave his custom chopper a permanent spot in the livingroom!

Anonymous said...

That picture brings back memories him on his Harley or driving his corvette, I remember him building his bike in the living room and when it was done he would fire it up and ride it out. I have one of Uncle Ramon's frames I think it was the first one and I have the 2nd frontend that Fats made (22" over) I got my Harley in 74' only high school student with a chopper yeah baby... got to walk it to every class on campus and lock it up in front of the room. Dad got mad cause when Uncle Fats rebuilt my motor it only cost me 250 dollars and it was done the next day, THANK YOU UNCLE FATS... my birthday isn't the same without you, but I know your there with me. we shared the same birthday for those who didn't know.. Love you Uncle Richard aka Fats