Monday, November 12, 2012


Kerry Crist sent this photo from Big Roy's collection. It's a CHP officer on his new ride (VL), at the Scaramento Bridge. I'm going to guess it's around 1934-35.
There are several interesting things about this photo. The bike has several chrome items that one wouldn't normally expect on a police bike. Most notable is the completely chromed out front wheel, hub and brake assembly with the center of the rim painted. In addition to the handle bars and crash bar, it's very surprising that the fuel line and clutch pedal and linkage recieved a dip in the chrome tank. Were these factory options, or done after the fact? The officer's uniform is pretty dapper too. Check out the winged wheel on the hat. Riding around on a slick ride all decked out and getting paid for it (especially during the Depression), sounds like a good job. Of course there is one draw back, you still have to be a cop.

Hey Doc. Sprocket. Surely you have something to add.


Samuel Serrau said...

Great Job. Best blog-magazine.
Ti seguo con piacere. Un saluto da milano. S

drsprocket said...

Chris, That's now called the Tower bridge. The CHP has a VL similar to the one pictured in their Museum not far from that brige in West Sacramento. One of our AMCA members from England has restored something like 10 VL's in CHP trim and certified them at 100 mph as per a test done in the early 30's for the CHP to except VL's for patrol duty. I have seen original H-D paper work from the Eddie Ryan (San Pedro H-D dealer)that shows you could order VL's with a deluxe package that included chrome rims, handlebars, exhaust system, and much more. Myself and another local member just got the CHP's 1960 trike running for their museum. Cool photo. Hope all is well on your end. Rich