Tuesday, August 28, 2012

South Bay Riders Late 70's

More photos courtesy of Kerry Crist.

Gary from the Dairy. His bike looks a bit like a cross between White Bear (paint style), and Earing Mike's chopper (dual seats & anodizing). Dick Allen springer, chrome rear fender, Sportster headlight, open primary, flip up gas cap, and Bruce Parrish paint, all common features among many South Bay Bikes.

Gary, Tim, Little Bob, and Big Roy on the 405. More on Big Roy's trike to come.


CRO said...

My favorite period and place for chops. Great pics!

Kathy Prins said...

Garry from the dairy is my husband for 36 years. This bike is sitting in our basement. Has been there for probably 33 years. He has the bottom picture in the back garage on the wall. We have been enjoying these. Thank you. Kathy

Chris K said...

Kathy, Wow about the bike! Both these photos are great (thanks to Kerry), and have been popping up on other blogs since I posted them. Thanks for dropping a line.

Kathy Prins said...

Garry said he probably has more pics if you are interested. I am sure we can try and dig them up.

Chris K said...

I'm always interested in vintage chopper pics if you get the time to find some. Thanks-CK

coco said...

I grew up in Hermosa on 29th street.
All of the Huns used to hang at my house.
I was very young, my brother was called "goat", a.k.a.
Steve Cizek.
He had filthy Franks trike, my brother
was 18 when he was 'accepted'
All of the members I met,like 'cockroach',
and 'oakland'( She embroidered the patches
on the cutoffs by hand), filthy frank, and
more,were all very respectful of all of us
younger kids, my brother Steve was the oldest
of 10 children.
It was good to see the picture of the trike
my brother used to ride on this site.
Thank you