Thursday, August 16, 2012

Born-Free 4-4 Some From the Field.

Starting with a Flathead. Bones Legacy brought out several wild bikes. Why they all have to have extreme showboat features is beyond me? I suppose it works for a show setting since there was always a crowd around them, but lots of lookers doesn't always translate into positive attention. At this length there maybe leverage issues but I wonder why you never see folks running a milder version of these springer rockers, for say a couple of inches or so of added height?

This 45 would be much nicer if you removed some of the gee wiz stuff. Yeah, I said it. I'm sorry I didn't get shots of their Pan VL.

Again, nice craftsmanship but those pipes... really?!!!

Interesting Sporty. Hard tails and this kind of height aren't usually seen together. Wish I'd taken a better look at it. Is that a rear head spun around and mounted up front?

Last year's give away bike. It's getting ridden.

Slims latest personal bike. I don't think I've seen a chopped Mach III since the Seventies. It's got to be fast as hell.

Was this ridden in? Strange choice of wheels and tires. What's up with that fender?

Ending with a Flathead. Something a little more restrained, Drew's UL.


drsprocket said...

Chris, That's Little Mike from Sacramento's Sportster. His dad is Big Mike and has an old school m/c shop here in town. He got Best Sportster at BF4. Dual amals, rear head out front turned around, trick exhaust under the fender/seat, and lots of cool stainless pieces everywhere. He's building a cool knuckle now in a single leg 45 frame. Very talented young builder.

ND said...

Hey Chris... that's my cone shuv with the strange choice of wheels and the funky fender. Definitely didn't ride it into the show but put it in a van and drove down from Seattle with another coupla bikes and a good buddy. I could have started it (thanks Ashley for the mag timing) had I added gas but was too busy enjoying the bike I built last year on the LA streets. Hindsight is 20/20. Johnny 5 has been up or down a city street in the northwest once or twice believe it or not. I had a deuce wheel cleaned up with concentric circles on a bridgeport mill and am running a conveyor sprocket as my brake rotor too. My machinist buddy is a rad dude - Mike Nazroff. The mechanical caliper actually stops the bike and the exhaust pipe I'm using as the turn out for the super-b carb sucks. Kidding it flows air/gas ok. I had a dude from a boiler shop in Georgetown bend the exhaust on 2 dies. The aluminum BMX front mag hasn't cracked yet but keeps the frame on the level. Total funny bike stance take it or leave it... I wish it was super charged but didn't budget for it. Bummer huh? Motor Shop frames do have numbers on the underside of the tranny plate and single downtubes make a ton of sense for bikes that only work good in a straight line anyway. I'm a sucker for Alan Stubbings stretched UP VL PanShovel. Still not sure about those headlights but sometimes a bike takes on its own personality and you cant change it.

Chris K said...

ND, Thanks for letting us know. I figured it was a BMX wheel in the the front. Personally, I don't think I'd trust it. I do understand how sometimes a bike seems to tell you how to build it.