Thursday, July 7, 2011

CK's Chopper Sculpture

First, I posted Greg Parigian's sculpture and then Bruce Parrish's, so here's mine. It was done in the fall session of my senior year in 1972. It was part of an assignment in a art class where we were suppose to learn the craft of lost wax casting a plaster figure. Of course I made a biker figure for the bike using a wire armature covered with and sculpted in wax. I never did the casting part nor remember any classmates doing it for that matter. I think we all ran out of time.

It's a time consuming yet primitive technique since it takes no welding or soldering skills...
...just needle-nose pliers and wire.

Check out the amazing detail!... ...I kid.

I wish this old photo was better. The figure was actually fairly detailed and pretty cool. I kept it in a box with other stuff for a long time but finally grew tired of the wax sticking to things so tossed it. I now regret that.

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