Monday, July 11, 2011

Chrome Frame Confusion

After seeing the Chrome Frame Lives post, Bruce Parrish sent this photo and said, " I see the South Bay saga continues. This is the tank I painted for the Chrome bike. As I remember it was for Doc . He had something similar to this eagle a few years earlier". (Note that the bike is in the house next to the Christmas Tree.)

When I posted Joe's first version of Dick's chrome frame bike, I purposely left out this cool photo and was saving it for another day. As I remembered it, Joe told me that Bruce repainted it for him based on the Eagle he did for Doc.

Joe later sent this photo showing how it looked when he got the bike from Doc in '73. It was originally pearl white with yellow tips. Bruce said he didn't do this version and did not come up with the Eagle Scallops concept but instead had traced it for the silver to black version.

Joe liked the motif so much he used it once again on his green bike. What makes things even more confusing is that this bike seems to have all the drive train components from the Chrome Frame Bike including the oil tank with the peg mounts. (Note the neck, and it's similarity to the one done later on Bruce's Funny Bike.)

Joe's thinking of using the Eagle design again on the latest build of the Chrome Frame Bike, but with a new twist.

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Jahluv said...

Keep the posts coming - I enjoy your digging into the South Bay chopper style. Good to see that some of the bike built still are around...