Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Born-Free 3-3

Okay, are you tired of seeing Born-Free yet? If not, check it out. I know I missed a lot of them and you might have seen these same bikes on other blogs, but what the hell.

If I make any mistakes on the credits/owners, let me know.

Jeremiah of Love Cycles entry in the Builders Invite. I probably don't have to say it's his. Jeri's bikes have a style of their own, you just know. His spartan style is quickly developing a following.

Jeff Leighton's Knice Knuckle. Not the sharpest picture but I had to include it. Great stance, paint and combination of parts. So how does one safely extend a VL fork?

Lord knows I'm not a Honda guy, but this 750 from Sunrise Cycles is pretty damn slick. My two cents.... I would have left the engine cases natural or polished.


...and Hers. I've seen both of these bikes in my neighborhood. The handlebars, sporty tanks with flames makes me think they are of Fats influence more than that of Dick Allen. Also, because of the headlights, seats, tires, fork width, and billet controls, I'd call them modern takes on the South Bay style.

The vintage look of this clean Panhead (black skinny wheels and springer), almost tricks you into thinking it's a Knuckle at first glance.

One for Noot. Does a Sportster qualify as a Bob Job? It's very close to some ideas I've had, but I'd like it a wee more with polished alloy rims, brakes, and with chrome shock dust covers and fender struts.

The Sunsetter from 1965. The original owner/builder (lost his name), was in attendance and very proud. The current owner told me the frame and chrome is all original and that he only had the tank and fender re-painted. That leads me to believe that it probably only had minor flaws and he should have left it alone!!!! The current buckhorns kill the look, put the drag bars back on it!

A really nice shovel ala Shawn Donahue. I heard more than one guy say it's his pick. It's similar style and mostly black paint made for good juxtaposition to John Edward's scooter. The bright afternoon sun made it hard to shoot these clean machines.

Ironhead Ron took advantage of some shade and a chair in my booth. I'm not quite as grumpy as I look, just don't like my picture taken much.

Maybe one or two more Born-Free post to come.


Noot said...

Thanks Chris (aka: Da Grump)

grant said...

You use two VL forks to do it! They are forged which actually is very nice to weld and work with as opposed to just being cast.