Sunday, June 26, 2011

Born-Free 3 #1

Well it's come and gone, but it definitely did not disappoint.

It might have been too much show for one day... at least for me. I had a booth and also judged the Bobber Class, so it limited my time for photography and viewing . Anyway, here's Round 1 of what I did shoot.

I don't know who thought them up, but the Cali info signs for the invited builders were a nice touch.

There were quite a few high quality Triumphs on hand. This one is by Todd Asin.

This excellent recreation of an early David Mann centerfold on the Love Cycles entry was the coolest tank art I saw. I'm sure it was a real challenge to make that image wrap around the tank.

We are talking Vintage Chopper. John Edwards' jewel of a Panhead won best original. You might make a chopper more wild, exotic, extreme etc., but it's hard to beat the purity of this tried and trued classic... with all original period correct parts to boot. I'd seriously consider it for "best of show."

Max's Pan in a VL won an award and was surely one of the crowd's favorite's.

The Mooneyes crew brought out this old company relic. I admit it, I'm an H-D guy, so I think the rickshaw section would look really cool on a custom Servi-Car.

Part Timer Steve listens as the two Riches discuss being banned from some blogs. It was really good to finally meet Dr. Sprocket!

I believe this skinny Knuck by Jason Weber placed 2nd or 3rd in builder's choice..

A very nice knuckle by Scott Craig. Why does he always paint the front fork legs?

There's likely never been a better state side representation of the vintage style and the words "best show ever" were heard more than once. It seems many of us are tired of the typical Harley show of today.

I think we may be witnessing the beginning of new golden age of vintage style show bikes.

Thanks Mike and Grant.


ZZ chop said...

what!?? no full dressers!??

hahaha! just kidding, the show looks awesome, nice write up Chris.
which bob job won a prize?

Chris K said...

I'll post the Bob Job and more photos soon.

max schaaf said...

thanks for posting

grant said...

hey Chris! THanks for all your support over the years, we do it for guys like you. guys that just like bikes, not BS and drama.

Small City Cycles said...

thanks for using my Triumph. Good set of pics

David Twigger said...

But the fork legs are chrome ?

Chris K said...

The front legs on Scott Craigs bike are painted.