Friday, April 8, 2011

Dick Allen's Blue Print

Bruce Parrish sent me these photos of Dick Allen's Blue Print. It was called the Blue Print because it was blue, but more importantly, it was planned to be the first of a series of ground up choppers built using Dick's parts and established styling cues.

Here's Bruce prepping the ultra rare Dick Allen frame for paint circa 1973. Only a few were ever produced. Dick didn't create the frame jig. For now, Bruce doesn't remember the name of the guy who Dick got it from. This was at Bruce's paint shop adjacent to Dick's in Gardena, CA. Note the Parrish Arts Logo in the background and compare it to Dick's Logo (both designed by Bruce), shown below.

This appears to be a under construction shot. The rear fender looks to be painted at this stage. Later, as on many South Bay bikes, it's chrome. Note the use of a (then), late model oil tank. The Blue Print was built for Freaky Fred Williams.

Above and below. Two of Bruce's photos from either the Tridents or the Long Beach car show.

This bike conjures up some fuzzy memories. I seem to remember seeing a feature on it and possibly another very similar bike using one of Dick's frame in a one of my now lost Custom Chopper Magazines. I know it was later featured in Street Chopper with a lighter blue paint job. More on that to come.


Anonymous said...

Chris, nice bike, represents SoBay style very well. The name of the frame jig builder was Dennis Watson. Dick, Painter Bruce, Loose Bruce, and myself stopped on our way cross country in 72 to give him a deposit on a frame, to be used on the White Bear bike.


alex said...

thanks for posting this series. Inspirational!!