Friday, October 22, 2010

Da Ladies Like'm Long....

....Chopper's, that is.

This one sports some typical South Bay features. A long Dick Allen/Fats/Sugar Bear Type Springer, 2 into one collector exhaust, extra sissy bar brace (South Bay Swoop), Cobra seat, and I'm thinking that's a 15' rear rim with a car radial tire. Also, Every goose neck of this type and from this period I've seen has been on a South Bay Bike. What's not typical is the too cool chrome Nazi helmet oil tank. My guess, it's a Fats built bike. Anyone know it's history?


Irish Rich said...

I think when that bike was originally built in '71, it had a Panhead in it, and it was called "The Redneck". There can't be two of those headlight mounts from back then, and that's why I remembered the bike. But, from that gal's bathing suit style, your picture looks to be from '74-'75

It was in Street Chopper sometime in '72, and I'm pretty sure it showed up in a Randy Smith article in Custom Chopper titled "Are Goosenecks Safe?".

I'm also pretty sure Joe Alphabet was the one who did the original frame work on that gooseneck, and it originally had a Wassell peanut, and was red.

Chris K said...

Rich, believe it or not, it's likely that at least two bikes had that headlight mount.

Red Neck's goose neck is slightly different and there are some differences in the forks so we can probably assume it's another bike altogether.

I had planned on a posting of Red Neck all along as part of my continuing coverage of South Bay Bikes. since you brought it up, I'll do it next.

I'm surprised you didn't mention Red Neck's owner, Phil Ross.

Irish Rich said...

Sometimes you show your hand, sometimes you don't.