Thursday, May 27, 2010

Highlights From 2 Long Beaches

Shots from April and May's Swap Meets

1968 Aeromacchi/H-D Rapido 125

Big Scott ready to roll

Brown Sugar. Might taste a tad sweeter with a smaller tank.

This old UL has shown up many times. I liked it better when it was in brown primer. I never noticed that it has one aluminum and one iron head.

'69 XLCH in a XR frame for the street.

I've seen this Panhead somewhere before?

Sort of Harley's first Soft-Tail. The small 2-stroke H-D's got nick named Hummers. This one's a 175cc Pacer. I'm saying it's a '63-65 even though the owner said '62. That style of tank badge came out in '63 and the same goes for the Tele-Glide suspension.

They call it Patina. I remember when only those in the "arts" used that term. The '63 to 65's usually have a two-tone tank which helps identify the year.

It's Hummer Time!

This neat old (Tracy's), Fiberglass Works body will even make a Honda look good.

One of the larger sellers. This guy has been bring stuff out for quite some time now. I'm surprised those crates still have a lot left in them. His parts stretch all the way to the dark green truck. Lots of small NOS stuff at the other end.

This Mini Cooper Woody was in the lot. License plate frame reads, 6,000 rpm 105 mph on a 1o" rim.

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