Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doctor's Orders?

I was out of town and also got sick so I haven't been very active with the blog.

A strict medicinal regiment for wellness.

So where does the image of a medicine man/witch doctor with Top Hat originate? The latest Disney animated film "The Princess and the Frog", (set in New Orleans), features such a character as the villain.

The flip side is even cooler.

Mo better now.


drsprocket said...

Love that rat. Great graphics. Hope your better.

dDuck said...

Don't know about the origins, but this one's the cover art of the album 'Doctor's Orders' by Dr. Feelgood,
from the 80's...

downtown guy said...

Also known as Baron Saturday.

SaltoRico said...

The rat (at least its face) has been inspired by Ptiluc's work, a french comics artist and true biker. Meet him there :