Tuesday, December 29, 2009

McQueen's Indian Re-discovered

Thanks to Irish Rich's comments, I went back to the National Motorcycle Museum's website and found these photos.

I had seen these shots quite awhile ago and thought they were no longer up. I don't know how old the pictures are, or if the bike still there?

To it's left is a Wild Angels Dragon bike. What's the story on this one?


Noot said...

Isn't that at John Parham's museum in Anamosa, Iowa? I'm pretty sure it's still there.

Chris K said...


Big Scott said...

Hey Chris, that wild angel bike was built as a replica bike for the museum. but J.P. does have the only documented capt. america bike, it was the bike burnt at the end of the movie.
it was bought from Dan Haggerty.
and fully rebuilt, also documented by Peter Fonda

Chris K said...

Thanks Scott. I know some about that Capt. America bike. There's a video on Youtube where Dan Haggerty talks about it, but I've talked to a guy who was consulted on it and he says there wasn't much of the original (burnt) bike used to build it.