Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back From The Dead

Up and Ready to Roll

I took my old iMac G5 to the Apple Store Sunday evening and told the tech at the Genius Bar my dilemma. He peaked inside and said it was indeed likely the power supply and if they had one in stock they could fix it on the spot. Also, since it's an easy fix there would be no labor charge (very cool!). They had one, took it in the back and said they would run it for a few minutes to make sure that was the only problem. 20-30 minutes later, and $94 lighter, I was on my way. That's a whole lot better than buying a new machine and losing half my data.

My wife and I have both had nothing but good experiences with the Apple Store so far. She's been given two new batteries for her laptop and when my Mac was 1 1/2 year old and out of warranty (for some unknown reason), they did a $950 repair for free. I only wish other businesses stood behind their products like that.


Capt. Cal said...

Yeah man, macs rule. Glad to see your back in business. Look forward to future posts.


Chris K said...

Thanks Capt'n.