Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Born

You really don't need me to post a ton of photos of bikes that have already been all over the blogs, so this will be it.

History repeats itself. I predict... After everyone gets their fill of the Bates solo, contoured seats will be back.

Cool shirt

For the the last 10+ years guys have gone back to an aggressive riding position, but there's something to be said for the long laid back style of the early 70's.

Photo: Mike Davis
Final note: When I walked back to my bike, who was checking it out? None other than "Sugar Bear". A King of Long Choppers checking out a stock bike? I asked him if he wanted to cut it up? It turned out he once owned a '70. His ol'lady was trying to get him to leave so I didn't bother him for a photo. It was a pleasure talking with him and a nice way to end the day.


Lonnie C. said...

And I predict that the de-bagged baggers, like your '70 shown, will come back into favor. Hard to beat full fenders and a swingarm, expecially on a long ride and in those parts of the country that don't enjoy the California weather.

Chris K said...

Lonnie, Not to mention a tank that holds some gas!

The stripped dresser was sort of popular in the '80's. After all, that's what spawned the First Soft Tail Heritage (no bags), and later the Fat Boy.

I just read a blog where a guy sold his chop and bought a fat shovel to cruise on.

Lonnie C. said...

As a matter of fact, I've changed directions on my '66 shovel. Out of the rigid, into a swingarm. With discs at the rear so it will actually stop! Bags! Windshield!

But I believe I'll keep the rigid roller - you never know.